About Me

About me:  I am a 44 year old breast cancer survivor, 7 years in remission, so I’ve passed the dreaded 5 year survival stage. I live with my teenage daughter and a small black cat. I changed my lifestyle after my cancer diagnosis, hoping never to hear the dreaded words ‘recurrence’ or worse ‘secondaries’. So far, so good.  Surviving and thriving.

My story: In October 2010, my Dad died of prostate cancer, age 78. He was diagnosed 10 years earlier. Around two weeks later, age 38, I was diagnosed with an invasive tubular carcinoma in my left breast.  Four days later I was in hospital for a lumpectomy, to be followed by a course of radiotherapy and a recommended  five years of drug therapy with Tamoxifen.  My daughter was 9 years old and it was just us two. On the bright side, it was a white, white Christmas.

Blog contents: 7 years on, how did I get here?

I have decided to create a blog about my experiences in coping with my diagnosis and the lifestyle changes I have made along the way that I believe have helped me. I hope that by sharing my experiences, I can help you too.

From diet and natural remedies, to exercising and socialising, relationships, parenthood and family history to practical support and suggestions on how to to deal with the psychological impacts of cancer and the ups and downs of long term survivorship.

I hope I’m not tempting fate by starting this blog after 7 years, but if I am, at least I can always blog about that too.









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